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The Gest

An Adventure for the ages

The term "Gest" was first introduced to us through a podcast and soon became our motto for referring to our grand adventures around the world. Today we find it's definition to be synonymous with our drive to craft tales of adventure through digital media.

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A Tale of Adventures

Gest Productions was born out of a shared love for adventure. In 2013 after finishing up a season teaching outdoor science in the mountains of Southern California my partner posed a simple question, "Do you want to take a working holiday in New Zealand?" 

What followed was a 13 month epic journey across 9 countries experiencing some of life's most thrilling adventures, backpacking through breathtaking landscapes, climbing high mountain peaks, and diving deep into the ocean in search of majestic sea life. With a camera in hand and a muse to follow I recorded everything. Over several months this heap of footage transformed into a full length feature where I invited all of our friends and used it to propose to my incredible wife!


This project and experience ignited a joy for video media that remains rooted in the core principle of Love, something that we guarantee to bring to each new project or idea. Whether you are looking to make a full feature of your own, or just hoping to craft some new reels to boost your social following, at Gest Productions we will strive to bring your tales of adventure to life with the same passion that we put into our first love story!

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